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The GNN logo flashes on your screens interrupting your current broadcast.

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with this special broadcast."

A middle aged human male sits at the news desk his strokes his mustache a moment before he notices the feed is live. "Good evening, I am Gorden Weston. Johny Star is on special assignment."

He shifts in the chair a moment and looks directly into the camera. "Unrest this evening on Ord Mantell as reports have come in that Exarch Jalian Ol'koa has been murdered during one of his charity hunting expeditions. Sources say a small terrorist organization  attacked the Exarch and his hunting party killing all participants."

Gorden stops a moment and tries to regain his composure. "Citizens of Ord Mantell came under fire by these terrorists when they siezed controll of Zakuul military assets in the sector. By the grace of Arcann, we have been rescued by our new regional governor, Praetor 1. He will serve as the Emperor's shield protecting the people of Ord Mantell and the rest of the Bright Jewel Sector. Investigations have begun to find any leads on this terrorist organization, so far no groups have claimed responsibility."

The GNN logo returns to the screen

"We now return you to todays episode of as the galaxy burns."

GNN News

Regardless of channel, all programming is interrupted by the GNN Breaking News logo

We interrupt this program to bring you an important update on the situation going on in the galaxy fringes. We have information affecting galactic security everywhere. Just hours ago probes on the fringes of the known galaxy began reporting that they had received unusual readings coming from the regions known as Wild Space. A taskforce with combined Republic and Imperial forces led by Darth Marr were exploring the quadrant at the time.

While reports on what exactly happened are still waiting to be confirmed, we can tell you that a major conflict broke out between the taskforce and an unknown fleet. Losses being reported are already in the millions from that conflict alone. According to these reports, the taskforce forces were completely overwhelmed by this mystery fleet and forced to retreat from Wild Space.

Notable names from both sides of the taskforce are still missing in action, but none stand out as much as Darth Marr, whose flagship was reportedly destroyed during the conflict after ramming into an enemy battlecruiser. Survivors from the initial conflict report being saved by reinforcements consisting of the Imperial 7th Fleet, the Republic 575th Special Operations Wing, and the Argent Watch.

Following the taskforce's retreat, the Unknown Fleet pursued them towards known space. Now reports are pouring in from across the galaxy from both Imperial and Republic sectors, citing overwhelming forces in the area. The Unknown Fleet is said to be attacking every ship that it comes across, utterly battering planetary defenses and disrupting trade routes alike. The Galactic Senate Coruscant has declared an official state of emergency in the Republic and is currently in the process of grounding non-military flights.

Imperial forces are reinforcing their own planets and doing what they can to stem the seemingly unstoppable tide of the Unknown Fleet. If you are watching this right now, be prepared to take every precaution you might in the case of an air raid or a planetary invasion. We'll do our best to keep you updated as much as we can on the situation, but right now the information coming in is mostly unconfirmed. We'll let you know as soon as that changes.

May the force, the gods, the light, the dark, and whatever other powers that be out there be with us, all of us, for this is a crisis on a scale that the galaxy hasn't seen in centuries.

Tycha Revarsas. GNN Breaking News.